The new Catalog 01.20 of Bugnatese

chiusura natalizia 2019 e termini per la presentazione degli ultimi ordini
Christmas closing days and last orders
11 November 2019
Kirvy steel, la prima serie in acciaio inox
Kirvy Steel: the first stainless steel AISI 316L range of Bugnatese
26 February 2020
Esce il nuovo catalogo di Rubinetteria Bugnatese ricco di novità

Scorpi la nuova sezione del catalogo dedicato al Wellness e le tre nuove serie di miscelatori.

Rubinetteria Bugnatese celebrates 70 years since its foundation and faces the new year with a catalog full of contents, including new series and technical-aesthetic updates for existing ones. With this little insight we present the main contents.

Catalog 01.20 maintains the classic division by series in addition to the Kitchen, Accessories and Spare Parts sections revisited for better consultation. The novelty is the Wellness section, where you can find everything you need to create the ideal shower environment: Columns, sliding rails, shower heads, arms and other accessories.

The general approach is now more usable. Next to each product you can immediately find a description, a table of finishes available with relative prices and a technical drawing. The folding cover contains the treatment table; positioned as a bookmark during the consultation, it allows you to always have the legend and the example of the chosen color under control.

Moving on to new content, the most important novelty is certainly the introduction of 3 unpublished series: Millenovecinquanta, Orion and Moon as well as a new minimalist series in stainless steel AISI 316L Kirvy Steel.

Millenovecinquanta is the most popular series for its industrial inspiration. Its particular knurled handle and drop-shaped manufacturing make it truly special and impressive.

Orion è una serie elegante e minimale, caratterizzata da una maniglia a croce piatta che contrasta con forme coniche con riflessi tridimensionali.

Moon is the minimalist round series par excellence that offers soft cylindrical lines even in the handles, without interruptions in profile.



Another important novelty of Catalog 01.20 is the introduction of universal built-in taps. A simple, cheap and intelligent system to better organize the design and purchase of taps.

The universal buil-in taps, equipped with a unrefined cover on which the cartridge cover is affixed in the final treatment, allow to carry out the hydraulic installation and to decide later on the series and treatment. For each type of product it is possible to order the code of the collection only, using the compatibility guide on the last pages of the Catalog.



2 WAYS MIXER 19898







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