Thermostatic mixer: What it is and why choose it?

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31 August 2021
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24 January 2023
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The thermostatic mixer represents much more than a practical choice for your bathroom. In fact, thermostatic cartridges for mixers offers important safety and savings advantages.


Why is it safe?

Thermostatic mixers use a cartridge capable of mixing hot and cold water, returning the temperature chosen by the user by turning the graduated ring on the lever.

The cartridge effectively balances the flows to keep the temperature constant, even if a second tap is opened in the house, thus avoiding the risk of accidental burns or unpleasant cold showers.


Why is it convenient?

Despite an initial expense that tends to be higher than the traditional mixer, the thermostatic allows you to save water, mixing the flows in a short time and thus avoiding waste derived from seeking the ideal temperature by letting the water flow. Even during the shower, the thermostatic maintains the temperature when the tap is closed, avoiding further waste and guaranteeing a moment of relax without hassle.


Which models?

Whether you love classic or modern style, the thermostat always finds its place. The Oxford series, among the most popular in the classic style, is also available in the thermostatic version with a complete range.

Kobuk, Tetris and Stone series are available for modern style. Each series is also customizable with different treatments offered in the Catalog!

Discover the thermostatic series!