Customize the bathroom with Bugnatese products

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24 May 2021
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31 August 2021

The aesthetic is an important aspect, but not the only one. The attention should be directed also to the smallest details. Not only the type of taps will need to be considered (external or built-in, double command or single lever) but also the material and the finish will be considered. 

Taps for bathroom often coordinates to floors, walls and personalized covers, for stylish and chromatic coordinations. Bugnatese taps born from a precise conception of style at the moment of the planning, however, it’s given space to the product customizaton giving the possibility to buy each range in different finishes. There are many of them, selected to best adapt to the style of the tap and emphasize its features.  

The chrome galvanic threatment is an evergreen, a high performance material, known for its versatility and, if correctly maintained, with the higher endurance in time. 

For a more refined design and for who chosed a modern total White bathroom, the choice can be the black, polished for an industrial style, matt for a more elegant and modern effect.

For a more personalized installation, for selected types of products (classic style) it’s possible to customize the grip of lever, both in single lever and in double command, by inserting different materials like wood and ceramic, in single color or decored with flored patter.

A range of infinite solutions for a bathroom with character. Discover our finishes and our collections.