New printed body for Tetris basin and bidet mixers

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30 March 2018
Closing Days Summer 2018
3 July 2018
Thanks to technical and manufacturing changes, our minimalist range TETRIS has been aesthetically improved.

While remaining unchanged in the dimensions of height, depth and thickness of the spout, the basin mixer 9113, 9113S and the bidet mixer 9123 no longer have their spout grafted onto the body but will be produced in a single molded body..

On an aesthetic level, the faucet will no longer show the classic visible line between body and spout, and will show a perfect angle without interruptions.

RUBINETTERIA BUGNATESE s.r.l. today is the only company that boasts the production of a square body molded at an angle of 90 °,without the mouth of delivery is grafted.

TETRIS, innovation and quality